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This is what it could look like when one completely deconstructs a life as one knows it, and how to build from the ground up. Alternatively, this is a fresh look at an old story. The fine art of falling apart.

no pictures for your love

Now I sit in my new home, with freshly connected cable and internet. I spent a couple of hours glued to A & E because I haven't been able to watch the channel properly since sometime last year. With a pizza lunch and Dr. Pepper. In bed. After a hot bath. With the volume up.

set my watch to the atomic clock...
Anyway, it's been snowing here all day. That hard kind of snow that builds up into crusty wedges on your car. The kind that sneaks into the collar of your coat because of the wind. My christmas lights look fantastic, though. So much merrier when they have some snow weighing them down.

Buckley was entranced with the cable man. He kept trying to hump his boots. I wanted to laugh but sensed that perhaps that wouldn't be very nice. Heh. There are wires everywhere...wire, wire everywhere...but in a good kind of way. Telephone is working, internet is super fast and of course, the television is spewing out enough garbage for me to watch until doomsday. I can't help it, if given the opportunity I cam addicted. I just never really had the time or the means to do so (such as no cable in bedroom, family taking up precious t.v time, etc).

And now the apartment feels more like a home with connections to the outside world on a more permanent basis. I'm not one of those people that never gave up on themselves, I don't see the virtue in being able to proclaim it so. I give up on a game of solitaire more often than not. My chances are always better at a fresh start, has been my way of thinking. Not really sure how its working out, though.

I'm supposed to meet my older sister at a mall across town, but roads are bad. I don't know if I will go just for the sake of going outside today, or if I must wait until tomorrow when more than likely, the roads will be better.

Also, my hotmail account is giving me a hard time, although I didn't know about it until the other day. It has decided to deliver any email I've sent about 2 weeks ago, today. I find this out by weird messages left for me, asking what the hell am I talking about. God, I have no idea, I think to myself. What did I say? No idea, either. So, this has left me pondering a new email account with another provider...or letting Hotmail know and waiting it out. I've had the account for about 5 years and given my tendancy to leave things where they stand, I'm relunctant to let it go on a whim.

Pondering is such heavy work.

Easy, lucky, free - Bright Eyes

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