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This is what it could look like when one completely deconstructs a life as one knows it, and how to build from the ground up. Alternatively, this is a fresh look at an old story. The fine art of falling apart.

Thursday, February 28, 2008 |

I'm so sick.
Sick in the head, sick with a freaking cold...you name it. I've been in bed most of the day, trying to get rest and kick this cold (mentally, although my body never listens to me when I talk to it).
Not to get too graphic but my nose was running like a river, so in a fit of geniusness...I decide to plug it up with some kleenex. Then I decide to have a smoke. Bad idea if you have flammable materials hanging out of your nose. Luckily, I realised this before anything lit on fire.

And for a little while, I felt a little like the old me. Heh.

In other news, I've been watching Six Feet Under again and am about to finish the last season. On the hunt for more dvds to watch. The winter is getting me down. I am looking forward to the green and the liberty of the warmer months. I like to think there are endless possibilities in the time to come.

Not in any kind of bad mood, just puttering around before I get ready for bed. trying to decide which book to read, that sort of thing. I've reconnected with Sam again. We're cautiously chatting, we'll see how that goes. God knows there's no turning back to the old days.

I think Marble snores louder every year he gets older. Buckley is as quiet as a mouse. When he's sleeping.

on the road again Wednesday, February 27, 2008 |

I've decided it's the only real place I am truly able to process things. Which is partly a lie, I suppose. I don't process in the way that I am actually able to file things away forever. I just process so I can think it all through so it's all clean for the next time it comes up underwater.

I drive as if I have no where to go but forward. Some thinking and music, of course.

Chunk and I pranced around town looking for a dress for a hot date, then pranced around in dresses. Then had lunch at Montana's. I was pushing hard for Japanese, but since an unfortunate sushi incident a couple of years ago for Chunk, she wasn't too keen on it.

But I will prevail with the japanese food the next time I'm in town. I wish there was a good Thai place but as I am sure I have mentioned before, Sudbury is seriously lacking in restaurants that differ from the typical chinese buffet house to italian or perogies.

I wish for some Vietnamese, or tasty Thai. Even East Indian food because I would love to try butter chicken and other sorts of curry. Any sort of choice, actually I would appreciate.

Enough complaining. I'm home now, eating barbecue chips and drinking pepsi whilst I update this. Two entries in two days.

Plan A and Plan B |

My insomnia has haold of me again. Now, I pretend to use it for good productive things. Like planning for the future.

My life is consumed at the moment in making plans for the next year or two. Sometimes, the best laid plans are the ones that keep things together until it's implement time.
Another thing I'm consumed with are the dogs, Marble and Buckley (the newest littlest cairn who will be two in April). They follow me everywhere like little old ladies. Alternatively, I feel like I have the animal planet following me around the house. It's endearing. Marble understands the words 'excuse me'. Buckley can't even figure out the basics of pooing outside.

I'm not kidding. No matter what I attempt to do.

My days these past few months have been filled with enough television to rot ones brain. In fact, I believe I can feel it happening already. I'd better attempt to save some for Columbia in the event I am accepted into their Master's program.

Columbia: I've applied and now I am waiting.

While waiting, I'm pretending I have not been accepted and am making plans to work for a few months on Manitoulin Island, acquire a car, drive off the Island with some savings and find a light, airy apartment in London to be near my nephews again. And jsut apply for another Master's eslewhere.

Today, I puttered around the house with a terrible cold and spent a lot of time lying down trying to rest. I'm still sick. Stupid cold germs.

And, I never thought I'd write this, but I've been watching a lot of cooking shows and the spirit has hit me. I've decided to try to become at least a somewhat competant cook. Here's hoping that no kitchens or body parts are not compromised.

dream food Wednesday, February 20, 2008 |

Frosty temperatures have kept me inside. Our substantial driveway is an ice rink. If I were able to take photographs, my camera would freeze, I'm sure. So...no new photos lately.

If my body has been fallow, my mind is rich in what I want lately. I've been dreaming about food in all forms and tastes. We have the Food Network and I've taken to watching cooking shows. If anyone knows me out there, they would know I don't really cook. But some of these shows inspire me to want to cook something tasty and different than our requisite stews and baked dishes.

Like grilled Porterhouse steaks and roasted potatoes with dill and other spices. Or southern cooking like oxtails and hoecakes. Onion rings that have been bathed in buttermilk then tossed in a a flour/cornmeal mix flavoured with paprika, chili powder and time. Rueben sandwiches with sourkraut. Pickled artichokes and roasted tomatoes. Steamed buttered vegetables with salt and pepper and maybe dill. Tarts, maybe. But something that tastes amazing and usually savoury.

The only thing is that while my appetite has (maybe) returned, my stomach is still on it's own personal revolt. I'll eat something and feel ill.

I just can't figure it out.

Matt Good anounces US tour... Monday, February 11, 2008 |

I knew he was planning a few shows, but it looks like this tour will be as extensive as the Canadian version. Which makes all Matt Good fans very happy south of the border.

For a full list of shows in order to find one near you..

ooh la la, almost makes me wish I was American.

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