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This is what it could look like when one completely deconstructs a life as one knows it, and how to build from the ground up. Alternatively, this is a fresh look at an old story. The fine art of falling apart.

me and sam

I should stop complaining, but it sucks that there isn't a lot to photograph around here. Just blank white space. Don't get me wrong, some parts of Nunavut are beautiful. There are a lot of places with mountains, and glaciers and huge expanses of aqua coloured water that tastes a little salty on your mouth. Great places. Unfortunately, Hall Beach (where I happen to be hanging my hat lately) is not one of those spots. We do have some things to take photos of, but I've exhausted those avenues. And it sucks.

So, today I filled in family members on my goings-on. Bailey, the blind Arctic wonder dog has been a god-send basically because he takes up space in my bed and reminds me when I wake up in the middle of the night that I'm not alone in the room. Especially since I wake up on average, 6 or 7 times a night, at 2 hour intervals. I don't know why, it's just the way things have been for the past year. It doesn't feel as though I've gotten a a good nights sleep in years. Then I cringe because it's just another complaint in the long list I've seemed to compiled.

A care package arrived from home. My parents are not regular mailers, so anything in the mail is awesome. So, I had to call and let mom know that it got here in one piece and humbly ask for another package to be mailed this week. I hope they do.

Wednesday tomorrow. The middle of the work week. Too bad I wasn't doing something other than pushing paper right now. Maybe next year.

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