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This is what it could look like when one completely deconstructs a life as one knows it, and how to build from the ground up. Alternatively, this is a fresh look at an old story. The fine art of falling apart.

it's just fiction, baby

My body was being carried with the momentum of my car. Time, like a drop of falling water stopped, while I contemplated my choices. The cab of the enormous tractor trailer swerving towards the hood of my car, the squeal of the tires, a soft siren. Choice: to brake or stomp on the gas pedal. A burning cigarette in my hand, a cup of coffee falling to the floor. My heart beating an impossible number on the inside of my chest as I realized this could be my one chance to exit gracefully, with a bow.

Press the gas, my mind whispered. Press with your right foot, the pedal to the floor.

Common knowledge in cases such as car accidents, especially on a 400 series highway, is that any kind of collision would be life threatening, certainly debilitating. Imagine the odds of the accident being a fatality if one were to speed into the crash as opposed to braking or swerving.


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